Show Your Appreciation This Teacher’s Day with A Thoughtful Thank You

The 5th of October is dedicated to hard-working teachers all around the world. Teachers play an important role in guiding your children’s growth and development throughout their learning lives. If you are a parent of a student, it is appropriate to show your appreciation to your child’s teachers by sending them a small gift. Impala Flora has flower arrangements and gifts for Teacher’s Day that is sure to show teachers how much they are truly appreciated.


Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation for Teacher’s Day 


  • Roses

Roses are a beautiful sentiment as a gift for your child’s teacher. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and peace. Show your teacher how much you care about them not only as a teacher but as a friend and companion by sending them yellow roses for the day.


  • Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your teacher for all that he or she does. Flower bunches help to create warmth and will brighten their desk during their busy day. Flower bouquets are especially perfect as they show kindness and elegance, the qualities of good teachers around the world.


  • Edible gifts

If your favourite teacher loves snacks and treats (everyone does!), you may consider sending him or her a gift basket filled with gourmet treats and savoury snacks. Teachers enjoy a well-deserved snack break too and time to indulge in treats during their busy teaching schedule.


  • Gift Hampers

Gift hampers have a special touch compared to ordinary gifts. They are more personal and can be ordered to cater to the teacher’s specific taste and style. Send your favourite teachers hampers filled with bath gift sets, fragrances or lotions that they can use in their down time for some much-needed TLC.


There is no better way to thank your children’s teachers for their time than by giving them a token of your appreciation. This is not only important for a student but also for a parent, as the teachers are the reason for your children’s progression and success in life. These gifts can also be sent by Principals to the teachers in their schools to show them how grateful the schools are for their hard work and dedication to the children’s education.


Impala Flora has beautiful flower arrangements, flower bunches and gifts for teachers to ensure that they know how much you care. Contact us today for the perfect gift for teachers on Teacher’s Day.