How to choose the perfect wedding flower arrangements

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Weddings are the most special event in a couples life. Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is critical to keep the event as beautiful as the day is and create a memorable experience for everyone. Impala Flora has a guide for choosing beautiful wedding flower arrangements for the big day.


Choosing wedding flower bouquets 

Choosing a bouquet is an important part of the wedding. All eyes will be on the bride and bridesmaids and it is important to make the bride look and feel as beautiful.

There are steps to consider when choosing the bouquet:


  • The colour combination should match or compliment the wedding dress. White roses may sometimes wash our traditional dresses but flower bunches with white and yellow or red are ideal to compliment the dress.
  • Choose flowers that match the season the wedding season. Not all flowers will be available but choosing a seasonal flower early is essential to ensure it matches the wedding theme.
  • Choose flower bunches that are comfortable and easy to hold for bride and bridesmaids. Smaller rose bouquets are ideal in this regard for longer weddings.
  • Choose flower bouquets for bridesmaids that matches the theme of the wedding. Flowers should complement the wedding colours and bride.


Choosing bunches of flowers for wedding arrangements.

The wedding ceremony and reception should be warm, romantic and welcoming. It is important to centre the tables and decor around this. Choosing flowers is an essential step for any wedding venue.

There are steps to consider when choosing bunches of flowers for your wedding ceremony:


  • Choose the right flower colour: Magazines and photos often can be misleading when it comes to choosing the exact colour for your wedding. Visit floral stores or consult an expert first before confirming a colour that’s suitable.
  • Mix flower bunches rather than sticking to one particular colour so ensure that flower are perfectly captured in photos. Added foliage will give the flowers a softer look. This is also ideal for non traditional weddings.
  • For traditional weddings, use monochromatic colour scheme and simple arrangements with white, yellow or red flower bunches. This is ideal during the reception to add a pop of colour in a simple room.
  • Make sure to ask your florist for an exact amount of flower bunches. A stem count is necessary to ensure there are enough flower arrangements available for the wedding.


Wedding flower arrangements are an essential element of the day that symbolize love and fertility. Contact Impala Flora now for beautiful flower arrangements for the Wedding Day.