Secretaries Day

//Secretaries Day
  • Fruit Basket Fruit Basket

    Fresh Fruit Basket

    The ever-present muse for still life oil paintings, a basket of fresh fruit is both a stylistic and functional design choice. Its array of colours and arrangement in a pallet box make it an ideal rustic decoration. But, unlike other decorations, it can be eaten. You can get this basket in 2 sizes:
    • Medium, or
    • Large
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  • Luxury Food Basket Luxury Food Basket

    Luxury Hamper

    With this luxury goodie bag of chocolates, sweets, nuts, dried fruits. biscuits, crisps, Sally Williams, olives and all things decadent, your sweet and salty tooth is sure to be sated. Arranged in a pallet box for neat and aesthetic storage, these luxury packages come in two sizes:
    • Medium and
    • Large.
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  • Yellow Roses Arrangement Yellow Roses Arrangement
    The symbol of friendship and optimism, yellow roses are just the flower to lift a friend’s mood and add a splash of colour to a setting. Set in a clear glass vase, these roses will draw compliments from everyone in the room.
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  • Yellow Roses Yellow Roses

    The Bright Yellow Bouquet

    Long associated with the life-giving warmth of the sun, yellow roses lift the spirit and brighten the room they are in. Ideal gift for any special occasion. This bouquet  is wrapped in brown paper and raffia and comes in 3 sizes
    • small,
    • medium and
    • large.
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  • Bunch of Orange Roses with Greenery Bunch of Orange Roses with Greenery

    The Lavish Mix Bouquet

    If you really want to make an impression, the Lavish Mix Bouquet is the gift to give. With variegated roses mixed with St. Josephs, sprays, white fillers and greenery all wrapped in brown paper and finished with a raffia bow, this bouquet is sure to wow the receiver. Available in:
    • Small,
    • Medium, and
    • Large
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  • Orange Roses with Purple Flowers Orange Roses with Purple Flowers

    The Paradise Bouquet

    Striking, beautiful, bright, vibey and powerful, this bouquet demands to be noticed. With strelitzia (bird of paradise flower), statice, orange roses, and greenery wrapped in brown paper and completed with a raffia bow, this warm and cosy bouquet will bring a smile to anyone that receives them. Available in three bunch sizes:
    • small,
    • medium or
    • large.
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  • Bunch of Orange Roses Bunch of Orange Roses

    The Variegated Bouquet

    Variegated roses are some of the most beautiful and unique roses on the market. This wonderful bouquet of variegated roses with greenery wrapped in brown paper and finished with a raffia bow captures the beauty of these floral gems. Available in
    • small,
    • medium and
    • large.
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Secretaries Day Flowers and Gifts Available in Northcliff

Are you looking for beautiful Secretaries Day flowers? Impala Flora has a range of beautiful flowers and gifts for your secretary on Secretary’s Day.

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for those superheroes in your workplace, otherwise known as secretaries or assistants. Secretaries are usually the first individuals that people see when they walk into an office. They help to keep the daily activities of the business running smoothly. They create warmth and a friendly working environment for guests, colleagues and their bosses. Show them how much they mean by getting them only the best flower bouquets and tastiest treats from Impala Flora.

Why Use Impala Flora for Your Flowers on Secretary’s Day?

Flowers are a popular gift for secretaries as they show appreciation, affection and lighten up any office. Impala Flora has flower bouquets and roses which are picked and arranged by experts daily. This ensures that only the freshest cut and the finest quality flowers are available. Impala Flora flowers are arranged in stunning decorative paper or in vases which makes the beauty of the flowers stand out in an office and brightens up the whole room. The roses available are a symbol of respect and friendship which will help create or maintain a better bond with your secretary.

Impala Flora also has an online shop, which provides quick delivery of flowers on Secretaries Day. This is the best way to save time on having to visit a store or a nursery for flowers. The categorised gift page for Secretaries Day makes finding gifts convenient and easy to locate. A variety and wide range of flowers are available throughout the year allowing you to choose which is best for your secretary. You can find a range of beautifully arranged and stunning bouquets and roses at the click of a button and have it delivered right to your secretary as a surprise that lights up her office. Consultations are also available through the online store should you have questions or if you experience difficulty choosing a flower arrangement. There is no easier way to buy flowers of the best quality with the least amount of time wasted in your busy day.

Gifts for Your Secretary on Secretaries Day

Flowers are not the only thing available at Impala Flora for Secretaries Day. There is also hampers offering delicious edible gifts which can be added as an extra touch to show your appreciation for your secretary. Choose between gift hampers with luxury treats or fruit gift baskets. Add these to your flowers to show extra love and brighten your secretary’s life and mood on the special day.

Impala Flora has beautiful flowers and gifts available for Secretaries Day that can be delivered when needed. Contact us today for your Secretaries Day flower requirements.

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