Merry Christmas Flowers and Plants

The festive season is almost here and the team at Impala Flora is ready to help you with all your Christmas flower needs! Whether you are sending Christmas flowers to a loved one or ordering Christmas flowers for a festive event, we have all the most popular Christmas flower and plants available both through our online shop and in-store in our Northcliff shop.

Types of Christmas Flowers

Christmas is a special time of year, so it’s no surprise that there are special types of Christmas flowers that perfectly suit any gift or occasion. Here’s a guide to just some of the most popular types of seasonal Christmas plants and flowers:

  • Poinsettia – This is a truly striking plant that really symbolises the season. It’s very recognisable with its leaves forming the bold “flower” of the plant. Traditionally, poinsettias come in deep, rich red and white, but you can also find many hybrids in a range of colours.
  • Amaryllis – Another popular Christmas plant and a very rewarding gift is an amaryllis bulb. It is a stunning party centrepiece when it flowers, with huge trumpet-like flowers on the single stem. It comes in a deep red – ideal for Christmas – as well as pink, white and orange, with solid, striped or speckled flowers.
  • Roses – A classic for any occasion, roses are an unforgettable bouquet that will last the duration of the festive season. Deep red and creamy white work best with the traditions of the season.
  • Hydrangeas – With its common name being the Christmas flower, no list would be complete without the hydrangea. They’re given this name because they reach their peak flowering season around mid-December. Blue, pink and white in colour, they make a beautiful addition to any home, centrepiece or bouquet, and are a traditional addition to many SA homes over the season.

Christmas Flower Colours

Traditionally, Christmas flowers feature reds, creams and whites along with deep green foliage, but there’s a flower to suit even the most modern and creative Christmas event!

For silver and blue themed Christmas occasions, look for blue hydrangeas, white roses and orchids, and white poinsettias.

For a fun take, go for oranges, pinks and yellows in a riot of colours that suit the warm, sunny weather of the South African Christmas season.

If you need any help choosing flower colours or varieties for your event, bouquet or gift, our team is here to help.

Order Popular Christmas Flowers, Bouquets and Gifts for Delivery from Impala Online 

At Impala Flora, our team is here to make your festive season simple and stress-free. You can order your Christmas flowers online or visit us in store in Northcliff or call our team direct for advice and have your Christmas flowers delivered on time. In addition to flowers and plants, we also stock gifts and edible hampers to make your Christmas shopping easier! We’ll deliver your gifts, plants, bouquets or arrangements on the date and time you specify – with a 30-day money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of a product not being available.

For more information on our Christmas flowers and plants, or to order Christmas flowers, please visit our website or contact us today.

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