• Amanda’s Pride Bouquet

    Named after one of our very own florists, who has been with us now for 23 years, Amanda's pride is the height of elegance, being the Impala Flora chosen bouquet, as we honour her time with us. It is made up of King Proteas, Pink/white Roses, Mic Daisy and Pittosporum as a filler. This is then wrapped with brown paper and tied with a raffia bow.
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    The Bonsai, a more infamous household tree does not exist. This Particular Bonsai is a Ficus Ginseng and has been grown into an S-shape. These trees are known to live many many years and is the perfect gift for both a Bonsai enthusiast or a beginner just starting out.
  • The Capsicum Chilli is well known for not being overwhelmingly hot but also maintaining a very sweet taste. This chilli will do wonders for your spicy meals and makes for a wonderful gift for your family and friends who like to grow their food. it comes wrapped in brown paper and tied up in a raffia bow.
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  • Cassy’s Colours Bouquet

    This bouquet is truly exquisite, filled with flowers which are not most commonly used but still loved by many. It is perfect for people who are as loud and as colourful as it is and is sure to steal the show and fill the room. It is made up of bright yellow Sunflowers, deep purple Iris, deep red Sprays and green Pittosporum. Then wrapped with brown paper and bow tied with raffia. It is available in: Small, Medium and Large
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  • Red Roses are always an elegant choice when decorating a space. This parcel of beautiful red roses wrapped in brown paper and finished with a raffia bow makes them the perfect gift to give when visiting a romantic or expressing love for your partner. You can get this flower bunch in size.
    • Medium
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  • This is a Guzmania, and is often described to be the plant that looks like fire. This flaming plant is sure to inspire gasps in your home as friends and family admire it. Its lush dark green leaves stretch far to each side with the flaming centre reaching up  into the room.
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  • Anthurium wrapped in brown paper and a raffia bow Anthurium  (shades may vary) This gorgeous flamingo lily, with its waxy leaves and bright red flowers will immediately add an exotic flair to its surroundings, creating an enchanting atmosphere of mystery. A flaming red Anthurium wrapped in brown paper and tide with raffia bow is a great house warming, secretaries day or any special occasion gift.  (Shades may vary)
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  • There are few fragrant pants that a as iconic as Lavender, this pot plant is still small enough to be placed in your home, on a window sill or a table, or can be planted in soil outside to grow and flourish. It is sure to fill your space with the most pleasant smell and does wonders for the local honey bee population.
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  • Every gift needs a card. And sometimes one doesn’t even need a gift to present a greeting card. With our wide range of cards for every occasion, you need to look no further to add that special touch to any birthday, anniversary, sympathy or special occasion.
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  • Wooden Top Diffuser Packed in Upmarket Silk Lined Cream Presentation Box. The product can be ordered in four different fragrances. Vanilla CoconutSugared GrapefruitExotic Rose and Forest Fern.
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  • Purple Tulip Bouquet

    A gift from The Netherlands to the world, purple tulips are both beautiful and unmistakable. This bouquet of purple tulips, wrapped in brown paper and raffia,  is always a safe bet for any occasion. It is available in:
    • small,
    • medium or
    • large
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  • Handmade cards that will add that little extra special touch. There is a wide range of these cards. From birth to sympathy and everything in between. If you’re looking to add that personal touch to your hamper or bouquet, the best way to do it is with a handmade card. With cards for every occasion from birthdays to weddings, your gift will stand out as being thoughtful and rustic. These cards are ready to go; all they need is for you to insert your personal message.
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