• Bunch of Orange Roses Bunch of Orange Roses

    The Variegated Bouquet

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  • Bunch of White Flowers Bunch of White Flowers

    The Uptown Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Red Roses Bunch of Red Roses

    The Ruby Rose Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Red Roses Bunch of Red Roses

    The Red Velvet Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Mauve Roses Bunch of Mauve Roses

    The Posh Purple Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Yellow and White Roses Bunch of Yellow and White Roses

    The Pom Pom Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Flowers - red & Purple Bunch of Flowers - red & Purple

    The Pin Cushion Bouquet

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  • Orange Roses with Purple Flowers Orange Roses with Purple Flowers

    The Paradise Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Orange Roses with Greenery Bunch of Orange Roses with Greenery

    The Lavish Mix Bouquet

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    Bunch of Proteas

    The Kings Bouquet

  • Bunch of White Roses with Greenery Bunch of White Roses with Greenery

    The Green Lush Bouquet

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  • Bunch of Cream Roses Bunch of Cream Roses

    The Graceful Bouquet

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Beautiful Flower Bunches Are Available in Northcliff.

Are you looking for a wide selection of beautiful flower bunches? Impala Flora has a decorative range of flowers of the highest quality to fit any occasion.

There is nothing better than an assortment of different flowers. Whether it is for an occasion or just to let someone know that you are thinking of them or to simply brighten up your home, bunches of bright, cheerful flower are a genuine way to show appreciation, acknowledgement and thoughtfulness. Important non-verbal messages are often communicated with a simple bunch of flowers.

Impala Flora has flower bunches for every and any event and occasion. Selections are specifically picked out, and include everything from congratulatory flower bouquets, well wishes, house’-warming bouquets and bouquets to say thank you. There are also flower bunches available for events such as Secretaries Day, funerals and anniversaries.

Types of Flower Bunches and Bouquets Available at Impala Flora

Cut flowers are known as either a bunch or bouquets. Bouquets have a specific style or design and are simply a set of flowers put quickly together for your convenience. These flowers are shaped and bound together and wrapped in attractive decorative paper. Impala Flora flower bunches are chosen by professionals and wrapped in these beautiful bouquets. This allows you to get the most flowers and not waste more money on a vase or container when the recipient is likely to have one on standby. It is important to note that not all flowers can be presented for each occasion. It has to be suited to a particular occasion. Impala Flora caters to this. A consultation is available so that you can choose the most suitable and appropriate flowers for your recipient, event or occasion.

Impala Flora has a wide arrangement of luxury and simple bouquets which contains bunches of roses, tulips, proteas and daisies. Simple bouquets are perfect if you want a specific selection of flowers. Luxury bouquets come in a selection of mixed floral bouquets which is ideal if you are unsure of the type of flowers that the recipient likes. Regardless of which set of bunches you select; the recipient is sure to feel warmth and happiness from the remarkable selections available.

Impala Flora flowers are cautiously unpacked, cleaned, separated, mixed and displayed beautifully on our shop floors. Consultations are also available for wedding bouquets at an affordable price. The store is guaranteed to always stock the freshest and most diverse range of cut flowers. Stores are conveniently located in Northcliff or flowers can be ordered online with our easy to use categories page. Bouquets are available both individually or in bulk. It is often available in three sizes namely small, medium or large. Orders are delivered in time as the best customer service is provided. Contact us now for flower bunches that will fit almost every occasion.

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