• The Kings Crown arrangement is is perfect for anyone in your life you treat as royalty, it is truly extravagant, being made up of, beautiful a ceramic pot, 15 Roses of your choosing (this may influence pricing), Viburnum, White Mic Daisies, topped with 3 magnificent King Proteas.
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  • If you’re looking for the ideal centrepiece, this Tulip arrangement filled with yellow, red, purple, orange, or white Tulips, greenery and filler will fit your bill perfectly. Tastefully arranged in a ceramic pot, this centrepiece will tie together any table setting and will fill the air with a wonderful aroma.  
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  • The ideal piece for a baby shower, 1st birthday or for Mom when baby is born. This baby girl arrangement with white, or pink roses arranged in a pink ceramic pot, with a pink girls balloon, will be the talk of the party.
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  • The teacup arrangement is small, classy and unique, as it can brighten up any small table as a centre piece or a table gift for your guests. It is made up of a teacup and saucer, Ruscus, Latifolia, and Roses of your choice (may influence price).
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  • The patina bag arrangement is perfect if you like a rustic look to the home or workplace, it is made up of a patina tin handbag, Gyp, Ruscus, and your own colour of Roses, (may influence price).
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  • The Greco Lavender arrangement is a shop favourite, as it truly inspires awe with its Greek styled ceramic pot, purple Sprays, Gyp, Penny gum, and Iris.
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  • Named after the beautiful Oriental flower, this arrangement will not only fill the room, but also fill the heart of your intended. It is made up of a white ceramic pot, 15 Roses of your choosing (may influence price), 2 bunches of white Orientals, 2 bunches of Gyp, and some Penny Gum.
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  • Perfect for any garden and plant lover, this gift comes in three. This arrangement consists of a beautifully woven wood basket, a Gerbera pot (available in multiple colours), a Calandiva pot (available in multiple different colours), and a Maiden Hair Fern.
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  • The ideal piece for a baby shower, 1st birthday or for Mom when baby is born. This baby boy  arrangement with white, or yellow roses arranged in a blue ceramic pot, with a blue boys balloon, will be the talk of the party.
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Beautiful Flower Arrangements Available in Northcliff

Are you looking for a wide selection of beautiful flower arrangements? Impala Flora has a decorative range of the highest quality flowers to fit any occasion.

What Are Flower Arrangements?

Floral arrangements are exquisite creations that consist of both wild and simple flowers. They come in a lot of different varieties, shapes, sizes and colours that add a touch of elegance and decoration to a table. The arrangements or bouquets sends a nonverbal message of hope, thoughtfulness or empathy. It uses contemporary floral design and is based on creativity, which is why these flower designs are so magnificently arranged. These make the arrangements fun and exciting to look at.

Beautiful Flowers and Flower Arrangements Available at Impala Flora

Impala Flora has flower bouquets that are suitable for any category and occasion. Selections are specifically picked out and includes everything from congratulatory flower arrangements and sympathetic arrangements. There are also flower arrangements available for events such as baby showers. Gifts can be simple and beautiful or diverse and exquisite. Regardless of the arrangement chosen, each of these contains lots of greenery, blossoms and vibrant colouring. Our flower service also has a great selection of roses that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or simply just to show that someone is in your thoughts.

There are spectacular arrangements containing proteas, roses and stunning greenery. These flower bouquets come placed in either a vase or a gift box. This allows you to get the most out of your money and make it easier for a recipient who doesn’t have a vase or container on standby. Baby shower arrangements include additional items such as a Teddy Bear and a Balloon. It is important to note that not all flowers can be presented for each occasion. The flower arrangement has to be customised to a particular occasion. Impala Flora caters to this. A consultation is available, so that you can choose the most suitable and appropriate flowers for your recipient, event or occasion.

Impala Flora flower arrangements are picked out by professionals and cautiously unpacked, cleaned, separated, mixed and displayed beautifully on our shop floors. Consultations are also available for wedding flower arrangements at an affordable price. The store is guaranteed to always stock the freshest and most diverse range of cut flowers and gifts for the perfect arrangement. Visit our store in Northcliff or order our flowers online with our easy to use categories page. Flower arrangements are available both individually or in bulk orders. Orders are delivered, in the Northcliff Area, in time and the best customer service is provided.

For fresh, beautiful flowers, Impala Flora has exactly what you are looking for! Check out our wide selection of flower arrangements to make your next occasion memorable. Contact us now for flower arrangements that will fit almost every occasion.

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