Edible Gifts

Delicious Edible Gifts Available in Northcliff.

Are you looking for delicious edible gifts of the finest quality? Impala Flora has a spectacular range of edible gift baskets available – with fast delivery to boot.

Why Choose an Edible Gift as A Present?

Nothing says, “I appreciate you!” more than a sweet treat gift. Whether you are looking for a small edible gift basket or a luxury assortment of treats, edible gifts are perfect for any occasion. These gifts can be used to spice up events or gatherings such as house-warmings and a Thank You gift, as edible treats can be shared amongst loved ones. There is a range of enjoyable edible gifts for all occasions and special events that send special wishes and thoughts to the people you care about. Edible gifts speak for you, when words are not enough for what you have to say.

Impala Flora’s gifts come in an array of colours and are arranged in a pallet box, making it an ideal rustic decoration. Ordering these treats online are convenient and easy, as one can choose from the different options available and have it delivered at a click of a button. This is perfect if you want to pre-order a delivery to be sent at a particular time of year. Do not stress if you forgot about that special Mother’s Day or Secretary’s Day gift. Impala Flora has you covered!

Types of Edible Gift Hampers Available

Luxury hampers often contain special treats of the finest quality for that special someone or occasion. Impala Flora luxury hampers contain everything exclusive from chocolates, sweets, nuts, dried fruits, biscuits, crisps, Sally Williams and olives. Whether it is for a sweet or salty tooth, it is a convenient and magnificent gift to present. Arranged in a pallet box for neat and aesthetic storage, these luxury packages come in two sizes: medium and large. This will allow you to cater to a particular event.

Simple baskets are also available that are heart-warming and affordable. Impala Flora offers vibrant fruits baskets that is both a stylistic and functional design choice. Save time and money on having to visit stores and markets by purchasing a simple, yet colourful basket containing various fruits that the recipient is sure to enjoy.

Impala Flora fruit baskets are categorised to make it easier to determine if it is appropriate for the recipient, making it convenient and saving the buyer a lot of time. Our store is in Northcliff and can be contacted for consultation on prices and a customised basket.

For fresh, delicious edible gifts, Impala Flora has exactly what you’re looking for! Contact us now for edible gift baskets that will fit every single occasion.

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