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  • This woven basket holds three Yankee Candle Hamper goodies:
    • A diffuser,
    • A car air freshener, and
    • A traditional scented candle.
    All three Yankee Candle Hamper goodies are available in the delicious and tantalising black cherry fragrance.
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  • Baby Girl and Baby Boy Cards Variety of Cards with your flowers


    Every gift needs a card. And sometimes one doesn’t even need a gift to present a greeting card. With our wide range of cards for every occasion, you need to look no further to add that special touch to any birthday, anniversary, sympathy or special occasion.
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  • Fruit Basket Fruit Basket

    Fresh Fruit Basket

    The ever-present muse for still life oil paintings, a basket of fresh fruit is both a stylistic and functional design choice. Its array of colours and arrangement in a pallet box make it an ideal rustic decoration. But, unlike other decorations, it can be eaten. You can get this basket in 2 sizes:
    • Medium, or
    • Large
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  • The refreshing smell of the garden sweet pea can revitalise any musty space. Bring this aroma with you in the car, at home, at work or just anywhere with this wonderful Yankee Candle Garden Sweet Pea Hamper.
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  • Its a Girl Card with your flowers Variety of Cards with your flowers

    Handmade Cards

    Handmade cards that will add that little extra special touch. There is a wide range of these cards. From birth to sympathy and everything in between. If you’re looking to add that personal touch to your hamper or bouquet, the best way to do it is with a handmade card. With cards for every occasion from birthdays to weddings, your gift will stand out as being thoughtful and rustic. These cards are ready to go; all they need is for you to insert your personal message.
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  • This bath gift pack, reminiscent of lush lavender fields, is the perfect way to bring the freshness of lavender into your daily bathing routine. With a complete set of hand soaps, body soaps, bath salts and creams all bundled neatly in a quaint basket, you can start and end every day in an aromatic wonderland.
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  • Luxury Food Basket Luxury Food Basket

    Luxury Hamper

    With this luxury goodie bag of chocolates, sweets, nuts, dried fruits. biscuits, crisps, Sally Williams, olives and all things decadent, your sweet and salty tooth is sure to be sated. Arranged in a pallet box for neat and aesthetic storage, these luxury packages come in two sizes:
    • Medium and
    • Large.
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  • The fantastically fresh aroma of sable roses is at your fingertips with this Pink Sands Yankee Candle Hamper. Including a candle, diffuser incense and a car air freshener all bundled in a woven basket; this hamper makes for the perfect gift to a friend, loved one or even yourself.
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  • A timeless classic, rose water captures all the health benefits and aromatic pleasures of their namesake flowers. In the woven basket, you will find hand wash, body soap, lotion and other items designed to make you feel and smell fantastic.
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  • These artisanal wood wick candles will immediately create an aroma upon lighting, which will last for hours. As the candle burns the scent will change from lavender to sea salt to white cotton, ensuring you never get accustomed to a single aroma and guaranteeing  each breath is as fresh as your first.
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