Loyalty Card

Join in our Loyalty Card program today
and start saving!

It’s as easy as coming in-store and filling out a form, we will then load you on our system and when ever you are in store swipe your card to collect points.

1. How it works.

  • As a loyal customer, you will be notified about our great special offers and events.
  • As you spend at Impala Flora, you earn 1% back on selected items.
  • Rewards can also be gained and redeemed online. (You will be notified of your log in details.)

2. How to gain point.

  • Use your card every time you make a purchase at Impala Flora.
  • Log in at www.impalaonline.co.za and complete your online profile to gain extra points.

3. How to use your card.

  • Make sure your card is swiped by the cashier in store every time you make a purchase.
  • Log in at www.impalaonline.co.za and shop online to earn points.
  • Point will be available to use within 7 days.
  • You can check up on your points at any time by logging in at www.impalaonline.co.za

4. How to redeem points.

  • Points are treated the same as cash.
  • No minimum or maximum amount is required.
  • Tell the cashier how many points to take off your card and put towards your bill.
  • The same can be done by you online.
  • Points MAY NOT be exchanged for cash.

5. Other Terms and Conditions.

  • Impala Flora reserves the right to change (without prior notice) the benefits, terms and conditions at any time.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any membership.
  • Only one card can be used per bill.
  • Each point is valid for a period of 6 months.
  • Points not used within 6 months will expire without notice.
  • Points cannot be swapped or given to other loyalty card holders.
  • Cards can also be assigned to a house hold rather than an individual. This can be altered by yourself online.
  • Other rewards will be given to selected customers accordingly, you will be notified if you have received other rewards from Impala Flora.
  • A fee of R30 will be charged to replace a lost card.
  • Not all goods attract points and will vary from time to time.