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8 Things Impala Flora Wants You To Know.

  1. We Are More Than a Company, We Are a Family.

Impala Flora was established in the early 1980’s as a family business providing customers with quality flowers at a reasonable price. These values have continued with us through the generations of family members who own and manage the business. We are situated in Northcliff and take pride in stocking a diverse range of fresh cut flowers, pot plants and decor. Our friendly staff members have been with us for many years and have become part of our family too; they are the best at everything flowers and thrive on customer service. Our desire now is to make each customer feel as welcome and much a part of our family as possible.

  1. Market Days.

To make sure we work with the ‘cream of the crop’ flora, our purchasing staff head out at 5:30 in the morning to the flower market every TUESDAY,THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, situated near Johannesburg city centre. Arriving early allows them the opportunity to preview the flowers and check for quality before they are auctioned. The auction is a tricky process but with years of experience in purchasing our buyers ensure the lowest price for the finest quality. Once we have our bountiful load, our reliable staff dispatches the flowers to our premises in Northcliff. When they get to the shop the flowers are cautiously unpacked, cleaned, separated, mixed and displayed beautifully on the shop floor. So, if it’s the freshest, longest lasting flowers you want, pop in at around lunch time on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS.


  1. Plant Days.

Just as we go the distance with our flowers, we do the same with our plants. Our staff head out to the plant farm every WEDNESDAY morning for the purchase of both indoor and outdoor plants, and inspect the plants we intend to buy to ensure were receiving the finest quality, at which point our driver returns the plants which are then made immediately available for purchase. So, if its potted plants you’re looking for, WEDNESDAY afternoons or THURSDAY mornings are probably your best bet.


  1. Online Store.

Watch this space, changes are coming… Big changes.

  1. Covid-19

There is already so much uncertainty in the world regarding the global pandemic that the last thing we want is for you to feel uncertain or uncomfortable in our store. This is why we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you are safe and protected, for instance, we have over 14 different sanitizing stations strategically placed throughout store so that you are never more than a few meters from hand sanitizer. We also fog our store and products with a disinfectant fogger 3 times per week to keep any products that you might handle clean and virus free.

  1. Party Section + Balloon Bar

There is an entire section upstairs at Impala Flora that not many people have explored, its devoted entirely to party decor, toys and our balloon bar… The balloon bar has tripled in size over the last year and has 3 fully functioning filling stations and a huge variety of latex, foil and bubble balloons for every age and occasion. As for the party decor, we have everything from numbered candles to party-packs, plates, cups and sparklers. Balloons can be ordered via telephone for a later date, or you can purchase them in store and wait while they’re prepared. 


  1. Deliveries – Corporate, Once-Off, Functions.

A large part of Impala Flora is simply delivering flowers. We offer this on three levels, corporate deliveries, once-off deliveries, and delivering for functions like weddings, parties and funerals. Most of our corporate deliveries go out every Monday morning and are offered on a weekly (4 deliveries per month) and bi-weekly (2 deliveries per month) basis, to become one of our corporate customers, you will need to complete our application form and we will get back to you. As for our once-off deliveries, these are simple, you can call, come in, or order online, then forward your proof of payment and you’re sorted. Function orders are all handled in store; you would choose your flowers, get a free quote, pay the full price or a deposit and lastly, collect, or have them delivered on the day.

(011 888 5646) (orders@impalaflora.co.za)

  1. Loyalty Card + Pensioners Discount

Impala Flora wants to recognize its regular, loyal customers, and reward them for returning. So come in and get your very own loyalty card, which will be scanned on every purchase, allowing your loyalty points to accumulate until you have enough to get a discount or pay for you flowers entirely (redeemed points are only allowed to discount flowers and plants). Above and beyond this, if you are a pensioner and a loyalty card holder, you will receive a 15% discount on flowers and plants every MONDAY. If you are not a pensioner, not to worry, we offer all loyalty card holders a 20% discount on flowers and plants every WEDNESDAY.


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