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The 16th of October is dedicated to the hard at work employers around the world. Bosses are the people that everyone goes to for guidance and help. They help to keep the daily activities of the business running smoothly. What better way to show appreciation for your boss or bosses by sending them gifts or flower bunches on Bosses Day? Impala Flora takes a look at some great gift ideas for celebrating Bosses Day. Here are our suggestions:


  • Roses

Roses are always a beautiful sentiment. Yellow roses are a symbol for friendship and peace. Create or emphasize your friendship with your boss by sending him or her yellow roses for the day. After all, it is a special day dedicated to bosses and there is nothing more special than a rose.


  • Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for those who are your boss for all that he or she does. Flower bunches help to create warmth and brighten the office during their busy day. Flower bouquets are especially perfect as they show professionalism and elegance, the qualities that match authority figures.


  • Edible Gifts

Who can say no to delicious treats? Bosses are busy and there is nothing better than treating them with a gift of their favourite snacks and treats that they can eat on the go. Impress your boss by offering them luxury treats with their favourite snacks like fruits, chocolates and nuts. It is a sure way to keep their energy up and put a smile on your bosses faces!


  • Gift Hampers

Hampers are ideal as an affordable and personal gift for your boss. It is ideal if you run out of ideas or want to add an extra touch to a simple gift. The variety and special selection of gifts will show that you made a real effort in gifting your boss and shows your true character. Bathroom gift hampers with soaps, scents and candles are ideal for bosses who need some much-needed TLC.


  • Cards

Add a personalised bosses day card with a message as an addition to a gift that your boss will appreciate. The card can be funny, creative or professional depending on your bosses’ personalities. Cards show that you took extra time to make the day special for your boss. It is also a quick ideal gift if you ran out of time or forgot about the special day.


Impala Flora has beautiful flower bunches and gifts available for Bosses Day that can be delivered when needed. Contact us today for your Bosses Day requirements.

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